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KL-702 Syinge Pump (dual channel)

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User-friendly Design

1. Easy mode can start the pump by pressing one key.

2. 3.2’’ TFT color screen and LED display.

3. User can define syringes. 

4. Detachable and high capacity battery. The battery level can be displayed on the screen in real time.

5. Night mode and power saving mode.

6. Adjustable occlusion alarm levels. The occlusion pressure can be displayed in real time.

7. Different color design for the AB channel can avoid misoperation.

Features and advantages:

1. High precision mechanical structure ensures high accurate infusion ±2% (mechanical accuracy 1%)

2. History log can be checked by dates.

3. Nurse call port can improve nurse work efficiency.

4. Power saving and safe sleep function can realize only one channel work.

5. The pumps can be connect into infusion monitoring system by wireless module.

6. Dual CPU ensure real-time and safe supervision.