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KL-605T Syringe Pump

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Features and advantages:

1. Applicable syringe size: 5, 10, 20, 30, 50/60 ml.

2. Automatic detection syringe size

3. Automatic bolus reduction after occlusion.

4. Advanced mechanics for high infusion accuracy and consistency.

5. Anti-Siphonage design.

6. DPS, the dynamic pressure system, detection of pressure variations in the Extension set.

7. Up to 8 hours battery backup, battery status indication.

User friendly

1. Stackable up to 4 or 6units, flexible, convenient and practical.

2. Key and rotary knob can meet different use demand.

3. Large LCD screen, adjustable backlight.

4. Comprehensive visible and audible alarms.

5. Wireless management: central monitoring by Infusion Management System.